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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Welding and Metal Fabrication

We specialize in Aluminum welding and fabrication. Light-weight, easy to work with and fast to weld; aluminum is a great choice for architectural features that require fast turn-around times and affordable prices. We can also work with steel and stainless steel if needed.

Profile Cutting

We work with a variety of local industry partners to integrate profile cutting capabilities into our work. Waterjet, laser, plasma, and routing allow us to work with many different materials and add unique design features to our projects.

Metal Forming

Break-press and sheeting machines allow us to bend flat metal plates into unique shapes. We also have local industry partners with larger equipment for thicker metal forming and plate rolling and CNC bending when more precise dimensions are required.

Pipe Bending

Using CNC pipe bending machines, we can precisely form pipe into a variety of unique shapes. We specialize in pipe bending of continuous handrails, and can integrate complex tubing and pipe designs into our projects.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an industrial painting process that bonds dry paint powder using heat in an oven. Powder coating produces an extremely high quality and durable finish. Powder coating can also be used to apply a variety of textures and finishes to materials.

Glass Cutting

We utilize tempered glass in our projects in a variety of thicknesses. Also known as safety glass, this glass is much stronger and tougher than regular glass and can be used for some structural applications. For more advanced shapes, glass can also be cut using a waterjet machine. We can also etch glass with desgins and patterns using sandblasting.

Some of our projects

Below are some designs and projects to give you some ideas. Furniture, stairs, signage, lighting, and landscaping features are a great application for aluminum.

Custom metal Bike Rack
Custom Metal Bench
Custom Metal Portch
Custom Restaurant Enclosures
Custom Floating Metal Stairs
Custom Metal Trellis
Custom Metal Railings
Custom Signage Frames
Custom Metal Gates
Custom Floating Stairs
Custom Metal Table Legs
Custom Metal Table Frames
Custom Storage Solutions
Custom Metal Shelves
Custom Table Legs
Custom Metal chairs

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